CBD Health & CBD Beauty Products

CBD can be incorporated into our health and beauty routines, providing the skin, hair, and other areas of the body with a whole array of cannabinoids. Our health & beauty category offers smoothing skin treatments, luxurious body butters, restorative bath bombs, invigorating hair products and more, all while containing the absolute best lab-tested hemp on the market.

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CBD Health and Beauty Products

CBD Health and Beauty products may promote relaxation and improve the appearance of your skin. CBD Health and Beauty products are available in a variety of forms, including creams, bath bombs, shampoos, conditioners, lip balms, bath and body bundles, and more.

Common FAQs

  • What Does CBD Have to Do With Skincare?

    The skincare industry is embracing CBD thanks to a plethora of studies showcasing the unique properties in hemp, and how they directly interact with the various layers of the skin.

  • How Do I Incorporate CBD Into My Beauty Routine?

    If you want to start using CBD in your daily skincare routine, we suggest starting with one product and using it for a period of a couple of weeks. From there, you can add more CBD skincare products as desired.

  • Are There Additional Ingredients in CBD Health and Beauty Products?

    CBD health and beauty products contain unique formulas that are natural in terms of their ingredients. Different products will contain different formulas, so make sure that you read the list of ingredients before purchasing.

  • Is CBD Effective When Applied Topically?

    We now know that CBD is highly efficient when it comes to properly absorbing through the various layers of the skin.

  • What Are CBD Transdermal Patches?

    Transdermal patches are adhesive patches that are applied to the skin. Our CBD transdermal patches allow a controlled dose of CBD to be infused into the muscular tissue beneath the skin over a specific period of time.

  • What Are CBD Bath Bombs?

    Bath bombs are bath products that are placed into the water. Once they are placed in the water, they quickly dissolve while providing a fizzing effect. This allows the CBD and other ingredients to evenly disperse throughout the water.

  • How Much CBD Should I Apply to the Skin Per Day?

    There’s no technical limit as to how much CBD should be applied to your skin daily. It all comes down to personal preference as there are no known toxic effects when it comes to putting CBD on your skin.

  • Will These CBD Products Irritate My Skin?

    CBD itself should not irritate your skin. However, everyone’s skin is different, and some people are inherently intolerant of specific topical ingredients. Look at the list of ingredients before choosing a product if you are prone to irritation caused by specific ingredients.

  • What is a CBD Milligram Strength?

    The milligram strength of a CBD health or beauty product refers to how many milligrams of hemp extract are in the overall formula.

  • Can I Use Multiple CBD Health and Beauty Products Per Day?

    Yes, you can absolutely layer various CBD health and beauty products according to your needs.

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