Delta 8 THC Gummies & Edibles

Pure CBD Now has a variety of delta 8 THC edibles and gummies to choose from. Because each person's preferred potency level is different, you can create a personalized routine by selecting from a variety of individual formulas. We also sell top-of-the-line capsules with only the purest delta 8 extracts and the bare minimum of additives.

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Delta 8 Gummies and Edibles

Consuming delta 8 THC in edible form introduces longer-lasting effects as well as a mild “body high” that complements the cerebral properties of the cannabinoid, and of course, it doesn’t hurt that edibles have the distinctive ability to appeal to our taste buds as well.

We offer a wide array of delta 8 THC edibles so that you can choose from all kinds of individual formulas to come up with a fully personalized routine. You will also find top-shelf capsules that contain pure delta 8 extracts and minimal ingredients to deliver this compound in an extremely user-friendly way, while coming in a variety of potency levels to suit individual needs.

In addition to our Delta 8 products, we are excited to introduce our new trend in the industry, Amanita Gummies. These unique gummies are gaining popularity and offer a distinctive experience for those looking to explore new edible options.

Lab-Tested and Traceable

We carry delta 8 THC edibles and gummies from brands that employ traceability so that you can be confident that you’re getting the highest-quality hemp possible. Further, all of these products have been tested by a third-party laboratory for quality, with test results available throughout our website.

All products are federally legal according to the farm bill and must be 21 years of age to purchase.

Common FAQs

  • What Are Delta 8 Edibles?

    Delta 8 edibles refer to any delta 8-infused product that can be ingested. Gummies are by far the most popular choice for fans of edibles since they’re delicious and easy to take. But, other types of edibles are quite popular, including delta 8 chocolates, beverages and other products.

  • What’s the Best Serving Size for Beginners?

    Edibles conveniently have consistent milligram amounts of delta 8 between individual serving sizes. This means that if you buy a bag of gummies, each gummy contains the same amount of delta 8. A beginner should start with 5 to 10 milligrams to develop a tolerance to the effects of the cannabinoid. More experienced users can go with 25mg to 50mg per serving.

  • How Long Do the Effects Last?

    Each person’s body metabolizes delta 8 at a different rate, but on average, you may feel the effects of the cannabinoid for around 8 hours. Note that it can take up to 2 hours for the effects to be felt, because the delta 8 must travel through the digestive system before its properties can become activated in the bloodstream.

  • What Will the High Feel Like?

    When delta 8 THC is consumed in edible form, its high is unique. While the cerebral effects can still be felt, they’re slightly more mellow, while the user experiences a “body high” sensation that is considered very enjoyable.

  • Can I Use Delta 8 Edibles with Other Delta 8 Products?

    Delta 8 THC edibles are fine to take if you’re already consuming the cannabinoid in some other form, like a vape or tincture. But, bear in mind that the length of time you take between each product along with the potency of each product will make a difference when it comes to how you feel. If you’re a delta 8 beginner, we recommend sticking to just one serving of a single delta 8 product per day for a few weeks.

  • Delta 8 THC edibles are legal wherever delta 8 THC is legal. Delta 8 is a federally legal cannabinoid, protected by the Farm Bill which legalized hemp and its derivatives that contain less than 0.3% delta 9 THC. As of now, however, 13 states have banned delta 8, which means that we cannot ship delta 8 edibles to your home if you live in one of the following states: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Utah.

  • Will Delta 8 Edibles Cause Me to Fail a Drug Test?

    Delta 8 THC is metabolized in the body by THC-COOH, the same metabolite that processes delta 9 THC. Drug tests search for THC-COOH, which means that if you consume delta 8, you run a high risk of testing positive.

  • Do Delta 8 Edibles Contain CBD?

    Not all delta 8 edibles contain CBD, but some do. When these two cannabinoids are consumed together, CBD may make delta 8 a mellower experience. If you want an edible that combines these cannabinoids, look for “cannabidiol” in the list of ingredients, which indicates the presence of CBD.

  • Are Delta 8 Edibles Vegan?

    Not all delta 8 edibles are vegan, but we at Pure CBD Now do carry vegan edibles made by different hemp brands. We offer the lists of ingredients for all of the edibles that we carry, where you’ll be able to quickly determine whether or not a particular edibles formula is vegan.

  • How Long Do Delta 8 Edibles Last?

    Edibles have varying shelf lives depending on the ingredients with which they are made. Typically, the fresher the ingredients, the shorter the shelf life. The majority of edibles on the delta 8 market are made without preservatives, in order to ensure that their formulas are all-natural. That being said, edibles typically last for 6 months to a year before their ingredients are no longer fresh.

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