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Smokeless CBD is a tobacco-free product that absorbs through the tissue of the cheek, much like traditional snuff. This delivery method is incredibly fast-acting due to the impressive absorbency, making it one of the most efficient ways to consume CBD. Choose your flavor and experience hemp like never before.

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We Got the Right CBD Snuff!

Smokeless CBD is a relatively new option to the market, and the science behind it gives us reason to believe it’s one of the most effective ways to absorb cannabinoids that you’ll find. Also known as CBD snuff, this product type is a great choice for those who prioritize bioavailability.

What Smokeless CBD Means

Smokeless CBD, or CBD snuff, is a tea-like product derived from herbal ingredients that uses a high dose of hemp as its active ingredient. Get’s packaged in a can or jar, and you simply take a pinch of it and hold it between the cheek and gum inside the mouth. It absorbs through this tissue quickly and efficiently, making it highly bioavailable.

Even though it can contain any number of ingredients, its effects come from the hemp cannabinoids. These quickly travel to the cannabinoid receptors in the body in order to deliver regulatory actions.  This delivery method is argued to be the most bioavailable that exists. Why? Because the cheek’s tissue absorbs compounds at a very fast rate. This doesn’t just allow a peak to happen within minutes, but creates a more potent experience as well.

CBD snuff is a lot like tobacco snuff. Anyone who has used this type of product knows that it provides a stronger rush of tobacco through the system than that which occurs when tobacco is smoked in the form of a cigarette. It’s important to note that CBD snuff does not contain any tobacco or nicotine whatsoever. But its consistency is basically the same, and it’s used in the same manner.

Differences Between Different Smokeless CBD Products

There are various CBD snuff or smokeless CBD products out there. One way in which they may differ from each other is the milligram strength. This reflects the number of milligrams of hemp that you’re administering to the body per dose. Higher strengths will obviously result in a more potent hemp experience but know that you’ll never get high from CBD snuff, as hemp is not a psychoactive substance.

You’ll also find that CBD snuff is available in a variety of flavors. These flavors can enhance the experience of using the product by engaging the senses in a way that can be invigorating, refreshing or plain old tasty.

How Does Smokeless CBD Work?

Something that makes the compounds in hemp so unique is the way in which they absorb into the body quickly and easily. This is why there are so many different administration methods available. The tissue in the body is extremely efficient when it comes to taking in those cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Smokeless CBD works off of this scientific fact by providing yet another option for absorbing hemp. Plus, this one is extremely potent and fast-acting compared to others.

Smokeless CBD is simply the hemp flower and, most often, natural flavoring. A pinch is placed between the gum and the cheek and it’s held there for a specific period of time. This allows the compounds to easily absorb through the highly porous tissue.

Taking Smokeless CBD with Other CBD Products

It’s perfectly fine to use smokeless CBD if you’re already taking other hemp-based products daily, like CBD oils, gummies, tinctures or vapes. Taking CBD snuff along with these products will not interfere with the products’ efficacies.

Check Out Our Collection

The Smokeless CBD goods at Pure CBD Now come from reputable brands, and we’ve got the third-party lab reports to prove it. We offer a variety of flavors as well, allowing you to customize your daily hemp experience with this amazing product.

Common FAQs

  • What is Smokeless CBD?

    Smokeless CBD is also referred to as “snuff.” It’s a concentrated CBD product that’s reminiscent of tobacco snuff, but, of course, it’s free of tobacco.

  • How Do You Use Smokeless CBD?

    Smokeless CBD is typically consumed by placing a small amount between the cheek and the gums. The tissue in the mouth absorbs the CBD compounds quickly, and the remaining plant material is spit out after a certain period of time has elapsed.

  • Smokeless CBD is legal because it comes from the hemp plant, not the marijuana plant.

  • Does Smokeless CBD Contain THC?

    The smokeless CBD at Pure CBD Now is completely free of THC thanks to specialized extraction methods.

  • What Other Ingredients Are in Smokeless CBD?

    Smokeless CBD contains concentrated hemp as well as natural flavoring ingredients that are derived from plants.

  • Can You Use Too Much Smokeless CBD?

    You can consume as much smokeless CBD as you’d like, but we do suggest sticking to the suggested amount on the product’s label.

  • How Long Does It Take for Smokeless CBD to Take Effect?

    Most customers find that smokeless CBD takes about thirty to forty minutes to take effect.

  • How Do I Determine the Proper Dosage Level?

    The proper dosage level is indicated on the product’s label.

  • Does Smokeless CBD Have a Flavor?

    Smokeless CBD comes in a couple of different flavors, as well as an unflavored option.

  • Does Smokeless CBD Have an Expiration Date?

    It’s best to use smokeless CBD within two years of purchase as the compounds eventually break down, causing a decrease in potency.


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