Delta 8 THC Tinctures, Capsules & Topicals

Pure CBD Now offers top-shelf delta 8 tinctures, capsules, and topicals that incorporate delta 8 THC as their active ingredient. We have an extensive catalog of delta 8 products with various strengths, ingredients and more. From low-strength to high-strength, we offer a huge variety of formulas for personalized potency and desired relief.

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Delta 8 Tinctures and Rubs

Here at Pure CBD Now, our extensive catalog of delta 8 products offers an array of top-shelf tinctures and rubs that incorporate delta 8 THC as their active ingredient. We offer a huge variety of formulas that can introduce this cannabinoid into your routine in highly personalized ways, with various strengths, ingredients and more.

Delta 8 Tinctures

Delta 8 tinctures are sublingual formulas that are applied to the tissue below the tongue to absorb fairly quickly with relatively long-lasting activation in the body. They are simple formulas that come in dropper bottles for easy administration and can also be added to food or even applied topically in a pinch.

Delta 8 Rubs

Delta 8 rubs are topical solutions that offer localized delta 8 properties to affected areas. The delta 8 works deep within the muscle and joint tissue while absorbing effectively into the skin. Because they offer only localized effects, these formulas don’t produce a high.

Top-Shelf Ingredients

We are proud to carry delta 8 tinctures and rubs that are made with high-end ingredients, naturally derived to be gentle on the body. We carry tinctures with minimal ingredients for maximum purity, and rubs with plant derivatives that are great for those with sensitive skin.

Lab-Tested with Traceability

We only carry delta 8 THC products that have been thoroughly tested by a registered third-party lab in order to ensure maximum quality and purity standards. These lab reports are easy to access throughout our website. Also, we work with brands that prioritize traceability that gives customers an understanding of how each product is made.

All products are federally legal according to the farm bill and must be 21 years of age to purchase.

Common FAQs

  • What’s a Delta 8 Tincture?

    A delta 8 tincture comes in a dropper bottle, consisting of pure delta 8 distillate diluted in a carrier oil. Tinctures are administered below the tongue, which allows the cannabinoid to absorb into the sublingual tissue. This offers a fairly fast response of somewhere around 30 minutes, with effects lasting for about 4 to 5 hours on average. The effects are milder than those experienced through inhalable products like vapes and flower.

  • What’s a Delta 8 Topical?

    A delta 8 rub, or topical, is a product that is meant to absorb into the skin. Topicals are great for targeting specific areas of the body, as the cannabinoid binds to cannabinoid receptors in the skin, muscles and joints, in a localized way.

  • Will a Topical Get Me High?

    Delta 8 topicals will not produce a psychoactive response, because the effects of the delta 8 stay local to the area of application, rather than reaching cannabinoid receptors in brain that trigger intoxication.

  • How Psychoactive are Tinctures?

    How high you can get from a delta 8 tincture depends on the milligram strength of the formula, which reflects the delta 8 concentration. 500-1000mg is a good starting strength for a tincture bottle, and higher milligram strengths exist for more experienced users.

  • How Much of a Tincture Should I Take?

    We recommend following the instructions on the back of your tincture bottle. For most tinctures, a single serving is a full dropper of oil, which comes out to about 1 milliliter.

  • How Much of a Topical Should I Apply?

    When it comes to delta 8 topicals, it’s less about how many milligrams you’re applying to the body, and more about making sure that you’re covering the entire affected area with a thin layer of the product before massaging it into the skin. You can use topicals multiple times a day if needed.

  • Are Delta 8 Tinctures and Rubs Lab-Tested?

    All of the delta 8 tinctures and rubs that we carry have undergone a rigorous third-party testing process carried out by a state-licensed laboratory. Lab reports are accessible through our website, so that our customers can review unbiased information regarding the chemical compound breakdown, potency, purity and cleanliness of the delta 8 used in these formulas.

  • Can I Use a Tincture for Edibles?

    Delta 8 tinctures offer an easy and effective way to make your own delta 8 edibles at home. Simply multiply your daily serving amount by the number of portions in a recipe, and make sure to keep the delta 8 at no higher than 350 degrees during the cooking or baking process, or else the compound may begin to degrade.

  • Delta 8 tinctures as well as rubs are legal in states in which delta 8 remains a legal cannabinoid. As of 2018, delta 8 is a federally legal cannabinoid due to the passing of the Farm Bill. But, 13 states have outlawed the sales of delta-8 products: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Utah.

  • Will Either Product Type Cause Me to Fail a Drug Test?

    Delta 8 THC is metabolized by THC-COOH, the same enzyme that metabolizes the delta 9 THC in cannabis. Standard employer drug tests search for THC-COOH in the urine, which means that if you consume a delta 8 tincture, you will likely fail your test. However, topicals do not result in a positive drug test result, as this cannabinoid is absorbed through the skin and thus metabolized differently from other delta-8 products.

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